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Cleaning in progress

Advanced Power Wash offers a professional,

affordable and reliable service where everything is explained to the customer from start to finish.

​We use the latest Hi-Tech advanced cleaning equipment, to restore a wide variety of hard surfaces. 


By using an industrial strength

pressure washing system, we can guarantee the

highest quality result with 100% customer satisfaction.


In addition to cleaning, we can use a sealer to help prolong the cleanliness of your hard surface area which helps prevent further weed growth.


Annual Maintainance Service programes are available to suit customer needs. where we keep your Driveway/Patio clean throughout the year controlling Weeds, Algae, Moss growth, leaving your hard surface area looking good all year round.


Health and Safety is a major factor we pride ourselves upon, making sure that all guidelines are followed whilst maintaining an efficient service.


 Public liability insurance covered up to £1,000,000.

Timber Cladding Cleaning 





With Over 20 Years Experience in Jet Washing We Know Its Not Just the case of Blasting Away the Dirt as This Will Cause Damage and Makes the Surface More Porous, which in turn means your Surface will Become Dirtier Quicker. We Carry out a Risk Assesment of the Surfaces which need Cleaning and Apply the Right Amount of Pressure to Get the Results our Customers Require.

A Professional Knowledgeable Company Who knows what their Doing Unlike Some!

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