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Useful information

 Wet Autumn Leaves can seriously stain your driveway/patio and become slippery I recommend blowing them into the nearest flower bed to mulch down.

Metal Feet on Garden furniture  tables chairs BBQ's Gas Bottles Planters Can seriously stain your natural stone slabs leaving rust marks that are very difficult to remove

Green Algae, Lichen,

Liverworts, Moss.


 The most affected areas from the problems above are; Driveways, Patios, Paths, Garden Furniture, Fencing, Stone features, and Steps. These areas become slippery and can seriously change the appearance and cause damage to the hard surface. 


The Main Causes are Damp, Humid, Shady Conditions and Poor Drainage. This Most noticeably happens during the winter months or after a wet damp spell. But by applying a fungicidal wash at least once or twice a year

will help maintain your hard surface area 

keeping it looking cleaner for longer.


    Ask for details  about

our Maintenance Service


Prices start from £25









Lichen Spores
Fungicidal treatment

Green Algae

Block Paving is notorious for weeds and moss between the block edges , On the first sign of any weeds or moss treat, with

a weed killer or fungicidal treatment. 


The Equipment We Use

Below is an overview of the items we would typically use to complete a job

Flat Surface Cleaner Rotating Arm with 2 nozzles

Petrol Driven Machine with

High Pressure Pump

Wet Vac Used to Clear Surface

Water & Debris

Water Tank Filled

From An Outside Tap


Applying a fungicidal treatment to

eliminate any unwanted growth

  • Advanced Power Wash T&Cs

if a hose pipe needs to come through the property a customer risk accessment will need to be signed which explains the risks involved before any work is carried out. Garden Pots Ornaments Furniture need to be reomved from the area that is being cleaned where possible, a small fee will be charged if we have to clear the area ourselves on the day of cleaning , APW take no responcablity for any cracked pots ornaments etc which fall apart if they need moving.
Payment must be paid on the day  of completion of cleaning by Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque.  
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